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Color, blindness, test, plates, medical, Ishihara Details

Color, blindness, test, plates, medical, Ishihara
Requirements: Windows platform Details

The Bristol Color Test is formatted for medical professionals to quickly assess if a... Details

Free random intellect test based on Color Lines game. There are complexity adjustment... Details

This test helps you determine type of your personality. It was developed by... Details

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1. Color Blindness Test Plates Medical Images Color, blindness, test, plates, medical, Ishihara DetailsDownload 

Tags: color , Blindness , test , plates , medical , Ishihara

2. Color Blindness Test Tool SE 1.0 Color, blindness, test, plates, medical, Ishihara Requirements ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: color , Blindness , test , plates , medical , Ishihara

3. Bristol Color Test 1.0 The Bristol Color Test is formatted for medical ... patient has a congenital color deficiency. Assessment guide is ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

4. Color Lines Test 1.0 Free random intellect test based on Color Lines game. There are ... adjustment by number of colors and initial balls, precision ... in every round of test. With lesser complexity the test can be used for ... DetailsDownload 

5. Color Personality Test 1.0 This test helps you determine type ... is based on Luscher color test, you have to chose your favorite colors while taking this test. Author of this software ... programs related to IQ tests and psychology.... DetailsDownload 

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1. ColorSchemer Studio for Mac OS X 2.0.1 ColorSchemer Studio 2 is a professional color-matching application that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily. Use ColorSchemer Studio to identify color harmonies for the web ... search thousands of existing color schemes,... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: color scheme creator , color matcher , create color palette , color palette , color scheme , color

2. Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) 2.24.9 ... with painting, decorating or color design, you need Color Style Studio! Color Style Studio enables you to select color schemes using photo of ... exterior and more! Choose colors from Behr, Benjamin Moore ... Sikkens and 110 other color... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: choose , pick , select , virtual , house , interior , exterior , paint Color Schemes , colors , painting Scheme , color combinations , software , home decorating , color Design Ideas

3. CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3 ... with spectacular CSS scrollbar color themes. The Renegade CSS Scrollbar Color Designer is point and click easy with color pickers, color mixing sliders, and color eye-droppers that can pick any color from anywhere on your ... previews let you... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: css scrollbar color , scrollbar color designer , renegade css scrollbar , css scrollbar , scrollbar color , scrollbar base , web site , scrollbar colors , renegade css , real time , named colors

4. Absolute Color Picker 3.0 Absolute Color Picker is a free ... that lets you select colors by means of various color models and convert them ... Being a great compact color designer it features a free color picker, color scheme generator, color history builder, color scheme... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: absolute color picker , color selection dialog , color constituents values , color picker , absolute color , color scheme , color models , selection dialog , constituents values , color selection , color history

5. QA Studio 2.0 ... QA Studio is a Test Authoring and Management Tool ... Studio you can author Test Cases, publish them to ... web site, manage the test process by co-ordinating a test team, recording test results and creating test status reports to track test... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: qa studio , test cases , test scripts , test script , test personnel , test case , same project , test , qa , studio , cases

Test Color in Software Short Description

1. Color Vision Test Free 1 ****** Color Vision Test Free ****** This application ... the quality of your color vision. Even though this test can be very accurate ... Please be aware that color vision can be deteriorate ... It is important to test yourself often. Your score... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. Eye Test + 1.0 Eye Test is a portable testing tool for near visual acuity, color test and optical illusion. It" ... to do visual acuity testing routinely. Your sight is ... to us. Features: While testing near visual acuity with ... You can easily conduct... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. Color Blindness Diagnosis 1.0.1 ¢ This Color blindness tests provide answers for the ... or not the user's color blindness can be used ... * Diagnosis - The Ishihara color test , which consists of a series of pictures of colored spots, is the test most often used to diagnose... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

4. Color Mania - Guess the Color! 1.4 ... logo quiz...its a Color Guessing Game! Test yourself and see how ... Can you GUESS THE COLOR? Does Microsoft have orange in it? Test your memory with over ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

5. Color Words LT 1.0 Color Words is similar to the Stroop test, which measures selective attention. The Stroop test measures the degree to which colors and the names of colors interfere with each other ... mind. Practicing the Stroop test tends to reduce the ... that... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Test Color in Software Long Description

1. Color Blindness Test 2Go 1.1.0 Color deficiency is a common ... from some type of color vision deficiency. It is ... to certain chemicals. The Color Blindness Test is made with the ... is provided during the test so that you don't ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. What's Your True Color? 1.0 A test to know yourself better. Colors are everywhere around us ... personality. For example, the color red evokes passion and ... likened to a specific color. So, what's your true color? A test you must take at ... in your lifetime! This... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. MB Psychic Development Suite 1.0 ... a collection of psychic color, symbol and card tests that aims to help ... spiritual world. MB Psychic Test Software is an interesting software that helps you test your psychic abilities. Some ... world. MB Psychic Symbol Test Software is an... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: world mb psychic , spiritual world mb , intuitive powers stronger , psychic color test , mb psychic color , mb psychic , psychic abilities , test software , spiritual world , world mb , psychic color

4. MB Free Color Test 1.50 MB Free Color Test is a highly accurate ... the fundamental principle of colors representing your changing moods ... remedial measures. MB Free Color Test is an effective online testing tool that attempts to ... the human personality. This test is... DetailsDownload 

Tags: mb free color , free color test , present situation , mb free , free color , color test , test , software , personality , situation , present

5. Test Gear 2.5.1 Test Gear 2.5 provides ... with a variety of test instruments to make objective ... strictly on subjective viewing. Test Gear's objective measurement tools ... check video levels and color balance, choose colors, view channel values in ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: After Effects plugin , Tweak After Effects , After Effects Add-on , After Effects , plugin , motion

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